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All code offered on this page is provided subject to the WebStone Public License.

WebStone 2.5 Source Code

WebStone 2.5 Ready-To-Run Executables

How to Submit Executables For Another System

If you'd like to submit WebStone executables for a system, contact us at

Please include release notes containing:

  • The exact version of the OS, version of the compiler, and system type on which the executables will run.
  • A summary of any changes that were made to the code.
  • Any changes to the system that have to be made in order to run WebStone.

Thanks for participating. We'd like to hear from you if there's a way that we could make this project more useful to you. Send e-mail to

The code listed on this page is provided on an unsupported basis. In particular, Mindcraft does not verify that the executables were compiled from a correct copy of the WebStone source, or that the compilation was done correctly or with the best choice of performance options.


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